AIP: Egg Substitute


Are you looking for an effective AIP friendly egg substitute? 


An effective substitute for those of us either on the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), or for those of you unable to tolerate chia seeds or flaxseeds. 


Well, I’m here to tell you that all is not lost.  Gelatin is your answer my friends.


Yep, you heard me.  Gelatin


Yes, I was like you when I first heard about this - extremely sceptical regarding its effectiveness, taste and texture, but by god it works, and you’re getting an extra gut healing boost to boot!


However, when I talk about gelatin, I’m not talking about the grocery store, jelly crystals or factory farmed animal variety.  I’m talking grass-fed gelatin, and the one I’ve been using is the Great Lakes brand.  Vital Proteins is another variety I hear great things about, however I personally haven’t tried it myself as yet.


There are quite a few methods on how to make the best gelatin egg out there, and I’ve listed two that I have used below.


My personal favourite is recipe No. 1, as it’s just so simple, but feel free to experiment and see what works for you.


Here are 2 versions of your basic egg replacement (replaces 1 egg), which can be easily doubled/tripled when needed.


Recipe No. 1

1 tbsp unflavoured gelatin | 1 tbsp room temperature water | 2 tbsp just boiled water

Place gelatin in a small bowl and add in the room temperature water and whisk to completely “wet” the gelatin.  Now add the just boiled water and whisk vigorously whisk until frothy.  Use immediately.


Recipe No. 2

1 tbsp unflavoured gelatin | 3 tbsp filtered room temperature water

Place water in a small pot and gentle sprinkle the gelatin on top, trying to avoid any lumps - use a whisk to ensure all the gelatin is “wet” then leave to sit for a minute or two.  Now turn on the heat and whisk until completely melted and frothy.  Use immediately.



Note:  Unfortunately gelatin will not help in making your baked goods rise the way eggs do, however the taste is great!