AIP: My Pantry Detox



Ok.  So I'm still working on my "deprivation" mentality since making the big decision to give The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol a whirl, but I'm plodding along.  Just like any good Taurean will do.


My first port of call - the pantry.


It's detox time, baby.


As mentioned in previous posts on the AIP subject (see here and here), I feel I'm one little step ahead of the game already as you will not find grains, legumes, wheats and glutens, processed oils or any refined sugars in my pantry.  I cleared those out long ago.  However, things need tweaking.


In my last post, I whined on about the "avoid" list (see here).  The foods that are to be eliminated in Phase 1 of the protocol.  The foods that cause me inflammation and thus, exacerbate my Hashimoto symptoms.  They're being packed up and shipped off as need them out of my house in case I accidentally reach for them, without thinking, or am having a cry baby "f#ck you" moment where I'm going to stuff every "no" food into my face in rebellion.  Yep, I'm that kinda girl!


So the remaining food items heading off to greener pastures includes:

  • The gluten free grain I still have been consuming - buckwheat flour/groats
  • The finger licking grass-fed organic butter and ghee that I love
  • The organic peanut and hazelnut butters I have as treats
  • My sweetener of choice - rice malt syrup which I use in my baking
  • My organic pastured eggs...sob sob
  • The nuts, seeds and spices I always have on hand in my fridge (and at work) from chia, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, to nutmeg, cumin and mustard
  • The berry spices I love to cook with, including pepper, cardamom




Note:  There are many more food items listed in the "avoid" list (see here), however the above are the few remaining items that I personally still need to say goodbye to.