AIP Take 2

So I’ve made a decision. 


Ho hum.


I’m stepping back into the elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).


It seems my bod’s not very happy at the moment and it looks like I’ve potentially developed ANOTHER autoimmune disease – ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura).  Basically my immune system is attacking my blood platelets.  During a routine blood test, it was noted my platelet count had dropped from 271 to 52 (“normal” is above 150), and during subsequent tests over the past 3 weeks, the count has now dropped even further to 28.  Shesh!


The thing is.  I feel fine.  I’m bruising, yes, but other than that I never would have noticed anything.  However, now that the seed has been planted by my GP and Haematologist – I’m stressed!   Seriously – it’s amazing how thoughts alone can have such a major affect our mood/body.


Been here for a while, then you know how passionate I am about healing my body as naturally as possible, however the urgency from my Haematologist and my lack of knowledge in this area – I’ve been led down the path of steroids – something I’m really struggling with.  I hate the use of “band aid” chemical remedies that don’t focus on the actual root cause – the reason why my immune system is in fight mode - but this might take a while to figure out, and in the meantime, this is the only option I’m aware of as a quick “kick my platelets up the bum” remedy.  I’d LOVE to hear any alternatives that have helped anyone else out there!!!!


So going back to my first comment. 


I’m putting my AIP elimination phase hat back on to give myself a little control over the situation and give my body a rest from the inflammation that’s obviously happening.  Giving it a chance to heal itself.


Luckily I’m pretty much on a personalised AIP protocol as it is, having only reintroduced eggs, nuts and seeds after last time, so it should be “relatively” easy … although, no eggs for brekkie….sob sob!


So off I go.   AIP take 2!