AIP: Week 2 Update



Howdy all,


Thought I'd sneak in a quick little update for you all as week 2 on The Autoimmune Paleo Protocol (AIP) is done and dusted.


So how do I feel?


To be perfectly honest - not much different.  Ho hum (cue the violins).


This is the time when I have to clip myself over the ear and remind myself that this is a process, not a quick "click of my fingers" miracle cure.  My body has been in destruction mode for many years, so it won't heal overnight.  However, trying to stay patient can get the better of me some days.  I'm only human.


So how specifically do I feel different:


  • Bloating | I mentioned after week 1 how the daily tummy bloat I experience had decreased (see here), and this is still happily the case, however there have been some days when it has flared up again.  Why?  I'm unsure.
  • Sleep | Definitely improved!  I find myself sleeping through the night or only waking occasionally,  and when I do, fall back to sleep almost immediately.  BIG sigh of relief!  It's amazing how stressful not getting sleep can be.  However, I am still waking up just as exhausted and fatigued.
  • Weight | I've managed to drop 1.5kg.  Whoop whoop!


This is where the improvements end ... at the moment.


However, I will admit that seeing the above 3 improvements written down gives me a little hope and puts a smile on my face - there is improvement!


Week 3 here I come.