AIP: Week 4 Update


A quick mid-week update as I say au revoir to week 4 on the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol (AIP). . .


Last Sunday I experienced something I haven’t experienced in a number of years. 


Wellness.  100% total wellness.


I woke up with energy which lasted the entire day.  There was not a hint of bloating and fatigue didn’t come for a visit.  I even felt like I wanted to “make plans”.  Holy smoke – I haven’t wanted to make plans for sooooo long, as it’s been enough just to crawl through the working week towards the weekends.


Unfortunately the fatigue and bloating arrived back on my doorstep the following day, but I’ve held Sunday as my glimmer of hope since.  If I can feel it once, I can feel it again, and it has given me the motivation to continue on.  Yes, I’m on the right pathway.  I didn’t fully realise how bad I’ve been feeling these past few years until I experienced this day.


So even though this week has still included leftover symptoms from last week’s unexpected detox, and even though I’m current feeling exhausted, emotional and as always, bloated.  I feel hopeful.