AIP: Week 6 Update


Week 6.  Wow.  I had hoped and dreamed that 30 days would be all I need on this Autoimmune Protocol.  That I would be one of those rare lucky ducks that within just 1 month, would be jumping out of her skin with renewed energy.  All excess kilos will have disappeared, my tummy would be flat and running beautifully and my thyroid would be ticking along nicely.


I’d be feeling amazing.


Did I tell you I’m a dreamer?


Unfortunately 30 days has well and truly been and gone and I’m none of the above.


I’m still hopeful though.


One epiphany this week was all around fruit and my realisation that my intake had increased significantly, both fresh and dried (yes, dried!  I don’t remember the last time I ate dried fruit!!).  I seemed to be inhaling the stuff purely as an “allowed” food and not because I wanted/needed it.  I only noticed this as my afternoons were then spent with excessive bloating (sometimes to the point where a pant button would have to be undone) along with stomach pains.  It’s the only connection I could find, especially after eating a pear or an apple, and from lowering my intake once again and being picky about the fruit I do eat, the pain has gone and the bloating has significantly lowered.  Just sharing this little story in case it’s something you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing and have no clue as to why.


The other positives keeping me motivated, albeit very small, include my nails getting stronger and stronger.  My skin doesn’t feel as dry and “tissue paper like”, and I do have moments during the day (not every day, but some days) where I have no bloating (or gas) at all!  God, what a wonderful feeling that is.  I’m also still finding sleep a lot easier these days, which I am eternally grateful for.