Best Paleo Chocolate Cake


I'm standing on top of a mountain as I shout out these words to the world . . .


"I've just eaten the best paleo chocolate cake ever!"


Yes, I realise this a bold statement, and it's one said by many, but with the very first bite, I was not only smitten with this cake, I was in love.  Head over heels.


This cake may be gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free, but by golly it IS delicious and it was enjoyed just as much by my gluten, grain, dairy and sugar eating family.  Unlike most Paleo friendly cakes this special little recipe is seriously light and fluffy, yet still moist and rich and luscious and delicious and every other wonderful describing word I can think of, and we all have Lisa from Downshiftology to thank for this wonderful find.


Oh yeah ... and it's my birthday!  Whoop whoop!



I'm not providing the recipe for the cake, but providing you all with a link to Lisa's page here so you can fully appreciate and feel for yourselves the talent and inspiration I felt when I found this particular recipe and her blog.   


I did, however use my own frosting recipe!



Dairy Free Chocolate Frosting


1 tin organic coconut cream (refrigerated overnight) | 2 large ripe avocados | 1/4 cup raw cacao powder | 1 cup powdered coconut sugar


Place coconut cream into the fridge overnight to firm up.  Once firm, open the tin and remove the sold cream and place into the bowl of your electric mixer.  Set aside the liquid to use for another time.

For the powdered coconut sugar, blitz in your blender for 30 seconds 1 cup of coconut sugar and 1 tbsp of arrowroot flour, until a finely ground powder.

Now add the powdered sugar, avocados and raw cacao powder to the mixer with the coconut cream and start to whip, until fully combined and light and fluffy in texture.  Taste test for sweetness.  Pop into the refrigerator to firm up until ready for frosting your cake.