Travelling with Hashimoto's



Travelling with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism can be exhausting.  Literally! 



When not surrounded by your everyday “management tools” and inevitably eating out more, it can be extremely overwhelming to ensure you’re staying on top of any potential flare ups and energy crashes.



For me personally, I choose to avoid anti-inflammatory foods in my day to day life (this includes wheat | gluten | refined sugars | cow’s milk dairy | grains), so when travelling to France recently, home of baguettes, croissants and fromage, I HAD keep things as super simple and as stress free for my body (and mind) as possible.



I’m not perfect, and my indulgence in pain au chocolat’s proves this point, however I did find that following a few very simple tips helped me to stay focused and mindful with a good dose of ease and grace at all times.  I thought I’d share them with you today in the hopes that one or two may help you with any travels you have planned.



Eat Lunch Out | For us, savouring long lazy lunches over a glass of wine is just how we roll.  A some of the great pleasures of eating out at this time of day (instead of at dinnertime) is you rarely have to book, meals are usually cheaper, you can thoroughly relax and enjoy the meal knowing you’ll be walking it off during the afternoon (and not going to bed with a full tummy) AND you can order suitable dishes that are aligned with your own eating plan (no need to grab a quick, pre-made stale sandwich).  When eating out, I personally work towards a paleo aligned mentality of meals containing protein, vegetables and fats, which you should find some version of on just about every menu in every country.  Just remember to not reach for the bread basket!


Movement | When travelling, my preferred mode of transport are my legs or a push bike.  Leave the cars and cabs at home!  I can honestly say it’s the best (and really, the only) way to really discover a place., as you get to see, smell and touch everything up close and personal.  We would often walk for 25+ km per day without even realising it, getting fresh air, discovering hidden gems and getting a good dose of vitamin d at the same time.


Cook | As we tend to eat lunch out, we then love nothing better than to pick up fresh, seasonal produce from the local markets to have for our breakfast and dinner back home at the apartment   This can be as simple as organic scrambled eggs or fresh avocado with a good squeeze of lemon.  I always ensure when organising a holiday that our accommodation comes with a fully equipped kitchen - making cooking a joy.  I do acknowledge that the fact that that I LOVE to cook helps with this tip!


Slow Down | Make sure you schedule in some “down time” to your holiday.  Remember, stress creates inflammation and if you’re travelling with Hashimoto’s like me, you want to avoid this at all costs.  To me, “down time” is absolutely crucial to my health and is non-negotiable.  This includes time to read my book each morning, with no alarm clocks and switching off my phone and looking up.


Google |  It’s your friend, so do a little research before you take off on paleo | gluten free | organic cafes in the area you’ll be staying.  Without this tip, I would not have discovered the beautiful oasis that was Cafe Pinson


Located in a tiny little street in the Marais (3rd arrondissement), this juice bar | café | restaurant is filled with seasonal 100% organic produce, is vegetarian and vegan friendly, and offers wheat-free and dairy-free options.




I felt my body buzzing in complete happiness as I stepped through the door, and I think I left a little of my heart behind.


They even offered almond milk lattes! 




Pinson Marais
6 rue du forez
Paris (3rd arrondissement)

Fatigue | 4 Things I'm Doing

Fatigue | 4 Things I'm Doing


Struggling with fatigue?  


I hear you.  


Since coming back from France, fatigue has hit me in the face with a big baseball bat.   


Whether it was the long flight, jetlag (still?!) or the extra gluten, dairy and sugar that was added into my diet whilst away, I’m now paying the price.  So I wanted to share with you a couple of the simple, everyday things I’m “trying out” to help recalibrate my body and boost my energy levels.  

Coco-Banana Pots

Coco-Banana Pots


Bonjour mes amis!


If you’ve been following my adventures on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been frolicking in France for the past month.  Spending my days walking for miles and eating my body weight in French food.


Now I’m back. 


Well, my physical body is anyway.


I set out on this latest holiday with an open mind (and heart), knowing that France does not lead the world in gluten, sugar and dairy free food options (baguettes, French butter and fromage…hello!).  Surprisingly, they are definitely growing in this area, something I had never noticed on my past visits.



Rose + Le Labo !

Rose + Le Labo !


It can help regulate and balance hormone production throughout the body, and has an aroma that can keep you charged and feeling happy. It promotes circulation, takes care of the heart, reduces blood pressure and can help with asthma, dehydration and various other infections.

So when walking down Elizabeth Street in New York one fine Winter's day, our noses led us to an oasis hidden amongst the metal fire escapes.  

Watty and Meg !

Watty and Meg !

I love it when taking a wrong turn turns out to be the best thing.

We did start out with a plan, but that was thrown out the window when over an hour later and with tummies rumbling, we realised we were in completely the wrong area.  Yep, we turned the "other" left.  

But then there in the distance (well, across the road) was a glimpse of warmth, cosiness and most   Watty and Meg.  The perfect little bistro for these two hungry little ladies.