Essential Oil: Stress Away


Stress Away


An on-the-go natural solution to combat everyday stresses.


With a perfect blend of tropical and citrus, this blend is uniquely relaxing and comforting (the bottle is often found sitting open on my desk at work .. haha!)


Copaiba | A woodsy aroma, helping to relax, reduce pain and inflammation and boost respiratory health

Ocotea | Helps balance blood sugars + boost the immune system.  Helping relieve stress and soothe inflammation

Cedarwood | Helps improves focus and wisdom, and as a sedative it helps to relieve tension and stress

Lime | An antiseptic, antiviral and disinfectant as well as being very restorative

Lavender | Helps reduce anxiety and emotional stress.  Improves brain function and promotes sleep.  A powerful antioxidant!

Vanilla | An antioxidant, antidepressant, sedative and very very relaxing


How to use


  1. Apply to writs, neck, temples, behind the knees or feet to help ease everyday stress and promote peace
  2. Massage into feet before bedtime for a beautiful nights sleep
  3. Use as a perfume (with all the health benefits and no chemicals!)