Essential Oil : Wintergreen


With its’ signature “minty” aroma, wintergreen’s scent is very similar to that of peppermint, with just as many ways to use from in your food and teas to in your home and skin products.


Did you know that it has actually been used for centuries by tribes native to North America to help cure fatigue, lung, sinus and respiratory illnesses?


Being a natural antioxidant, wintergreen is energizing and immune-enhancing (great for those of us with Hashimoto’s) as it helps to lower inflammation and reduce pain in our body.


It can also help:


  • Reduce swelling and irritation

  • Improve digestion

  • Clear skin irritation and dandruff

  • Improve alertness and concentration

  • Treat colds, fevers, infections and the flu


Pain Relief | Help to reduce swelling + irritation in muscle, tissue and joints by massaging several drops into achy joints to relieve arthritis, rheumatism, sore muscles and chronic neck and lower back pain

Cold and Flu | As contains an natural aspirin-like chemical, it can help reduce congestion, swelling and fever by diffuse or simply combine with coconut oil to rub onto your chest

Digestion | Rub 1 drop over your tummy and lower back to help increase stomach acid and urine production for better digestion and reduced bloating – a wonderful remedy for those of us with SIBO

Skin + Hair | To help fight inflammation from blemishes and acne, add 1-2 drops to your nightly face wash, and to help with dandruff, add 1-2 drops into your shampoo to remove bacteria

Fatigue | By inhaling or dabbing 1 drop onto the back of your neck, chest or wrists, wintergreen will help increase your stamina, alertness and concentration.  Goodbye foggy brain

Home | With its anti-bacterial properties, add a few drops to water in a spray bottle and use as a natural home sanitiser and deodoriser in your bathroom and kitchen, as well as add to your dishwasher or laundry machine to kill bacteria and molds

Cravings | Mint helps reduce cravings and signify satiety, so sniff, gargle or apply 1 drop to your temples, chest or clothes before eating, or when that sweet tooth takes hold

Unwind | To unwind and relieve muscle tension, add a few drops to your warm bath (read more on essential oils and baths here)



Remember, whatever brand of essential oil you use, you’ll get the most benefit if it is 100% pure, organic and therapeutic-grade.