Fat-Soluble Vitamin Series



Like many of you growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I fully embraced the “low-fat” diet epidemic. 


Based on what I was taught at home and at school, I truly believed that fat was the enemy.


Changing this deeply ingrained mindset took A LOT of time and effort, and even though I understood and 100% agreed with the science behind why eating fat is so good for our bodies, I really did struggle to physically eat fat.  It took almost a solid year of transitioning before my brain fully embraced this new way of living.


Now – I’m a fat loving machine!


My body thrives on fat and my blood tests are proof of this, because my body is now able to absorb all of those wonderful and essential fat-soluble vitamins that I went for years (even decades) without absorbing.  They’re called fat-soluble vitamins for a reason!


so what are fat-soluble vitamins?


These include vitamins A, D, E and K, and being fat-soluble, this simply means that they cannot be absorbed without the presence of fat.


For example, when you eat vegetables without fat, you’ll absorb only a small fraction of the nutrients you would absorb if you ate them with fat.  Fact!


Get to know your fat-soluble vitamins a little more . . .