It's the middle of Winter and I've been bunkering down in my little cocoon of a home with copious amounts of tea and my blanket.  This has been a month of working on my health - upping my nutrition and working my way through the Autoimmune Protocol.  I've finally been giving my body time to rest.


Being unable to eat out lately (I find this a lot easier than trying to explain to waiters all about my AIP modifications), I've been spending my money in other ways.  Discovering items that inspire me and help me along on my wellness journey, or that simply make me smile.


Some of my fav's this month . . .


Autoimmune Wellness Handbook | with the help of my naturopath, I moved to the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol diet to help heal my gut, and in turn, help to heal my autoimmune symptoms.  On this journey, I discovered the Autoimmune Wellness website and handbook, which has been instrumental.  Thank you Mickey and Ange for creating such a wonderful and inspirational resource.

Flowers | Being home more has me focused on the little things in life that bring me happiness. Flowers do it every time!

Parsnip Puree | parsnip + coconut milk = life changer.

Deodorant | a natural, certified organic, aluminium free version from The Divine Company.  I've tried hundreds, but have fallen in love with this one - it actually works.

Bath Soaks | from Soak Society - natural epsom salt bath soaks with added essential oils, clays and flower petals.  Bliss!

Juice | certified organic ingredients from the Greene Street Juice Co - a recent and wonderful discovery.  Not all blends are AIP suitable, but their "The High Line" certainly is.


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