So you may remember that at the beginning of the year, instead of setting myself New Year Resolutions that I was bound to forget, fail at or simply ignore, I instead set myself monthly intentions.


Don't remember or have no clue as to what I'm talking about - then head over here!


Each month is different.


January was all about setting my foundations for the year.  Being practical, with an almost masculine energy - from streamlining my finances and strengthening my daily routines to decluttering and spring cleaning my home.  My words for the month included practical and pragmatic as well as planting seeds, making decisions and growth.


I loved January.  I was mindful the entire time.  I felt like I participated in it, by focusing on what serves me and will support me throughout the year to come and parting with what does't, including physical items, relationships and a whole lot more.


So now it's time for February.  


A time to put a pretty bow around my January intentions, goals and actions and jump head first into my February ones.


And this month is all about - The Inner Me


My inner self - a spiritual grounding/cleanse if you will.  It's all about finding the real me from learning more about forgiveness and expressing myself creatively, openly and fearlessly.  It's all about letting go and trusting myself.  Building courage and clarity and learning to really listen to my gut.


As always (being a Taurean), I need an action plan, so my actions for the month will include (but not limited to):


Meditation | focussing on grounding, forgiveness, self love and letting go meditations, as well as chakra cleansing and re-balancing techniques to help give me a boost.

Yin Yoga | getting back on the mat and simply breathing.

Journalling | I'm planning to just write and write and write until nothing else comes out, helping to clear my mind of the clutter and see what then "pops up".

Visualisation | get focussed on what I want my life to really look like.  What's the big picture?  I like visual aids so vision boards will be created!

Self Love Dates | taking myself out for little self-love dates - doing something I really love to do that makes me smile (doesn't have to cost money).  It could simply be turning the music up and dancing in my underwear!  I do love a good "pants off Friday dance!"


So now it's over to you.


How was your January and what are your plans/thoughts/actions for February?  


I'd love to hear.