IQS + Florentine Biscuits


Florentines.  As a child, no other biscuit made me feel more like a gown up than this one did.  Typically stuffed full of glace cherries, nuts, sugar and chocolate, they were my biscuit of choice when I wanted to impress (and I got to scoff all the leftovers).  Win/win.


When I said goodbye to the white stuff a few years ago, I also tearfully said au revoir to the super sweet florentine.


And then the angels sang. As inside the pages of the I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook Volume II, this little Superfood Florentine recipe jumped out and waved it's little muscly arms at me.  Oh sweet Lord.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!




Being able to store these little beauties in the freezer also ticks a few extra boxes:


1.  In the freezer, they're not in plain sight - meaning I'm not going to be constantly thinking about them, then eating them ALL

2.  They last a hell of a lot longer

3.  I can take just the one out of the freezer at a time (a rule I set myself) and enjoy it thoroughly, knowing that if I want another, all I have to do is once again take one out and wait for it to thaw.  9 times out of 10 I either can't be bothered or find I'm actually satiated by the first one, once again highlighting number 2. above.  Win/win.




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