FOCUS: April

March – The Facts


As mentioned in a past post - FOCUS:  March - the goals/intentions I set myself that month were all about my own personal belief system and finding out who I actually am and what I actually stand for.  What’s my philosophy in life and what’s actually important and unimportant to me?  It was a month to be as true to myself as possible and to be as genuine and authentic to the people around me. 


March - The Reality


Some interesting things happened this month, which once again solidified my belief that everything happens for a reason at the exact time it's meant to happen. 


For those who know me, you know I'm currently struggling with out of control antibodies, autoimmune flares and the recent addition of a NEW autoimmune disease (ho hum!), so during this month I organised to work half days for a period of time, allowing me extra time in my day to focus on a new wellness routine, involving saunas, body brushing, Epsom salt/essential oil baths (all to help break down the stored toxins/heavy metals in my body - a potential cause of these flares), meditation with Dr Joe Dispenza (after reading and loving his wonderful book - You are the Placebo) working on my beliefs and mindset AND blissful early nights.  This was a game changer!  Not only do I feel so much more in control, balanced and in tune with my body, but it gave me a glimpse at the life I want to be living. 


It was also a month where through one of my biz mentoring sessions, we talked about Mission Statements - which sent me running to pen and paper.  What an eye opener!  If you've never done one, I highly recommend you do as it's a wonderful way to really nut out what your true values are. 


By the end of March, I really felt like I'd stepped a bit further into the person I want to be.  I'm feeling more in tune and confident in my values and basically feeling more love for myself, and that ain't a bad thing!

So now onto April . . .


April - The Facts


Way back on New Years' Eve, I drew the Temperance tarot card for April - which signifies balance, peace, patience and moderation.  It tells me I've found inner calm and have a good perspective on things - a sign of harmony, peace and tranquillity.  It indicates that I have learnt to adapt to situations with a clear mind and calm heart - keeping my balance - and that I am truly in touch with who I am and what I value.


This month is to be a time for me to stabilise my energy and allow life to simply flow through me without force or resistance. A time to recover my flow and get my life back into order and balanced - my respect for this balance and tranquillity is what will help me achieve and experience fulfilment in my life.  #hellyeah


Finally, this card indicates that I'm learning a great deal right at this moment and am at peace with what I'm doing (sure am!)  It is all coming together well.  Can I just say - holy cow - I almost cried when I read this!  Even though I've loved every minute of what March has brought into my life - I'm tired.  I'm ready to slow down and get me a little of that wonderful word - BALANCE! 


April – The Plan of Action


Self-Care Routine | I'm continuing with the little routine I created for myself during March, which I'm loving, including saunas, body brushing, Epsom salt baths and the Dr Joe Dispenzer meditation.  I'm treating these self-care practices as non-negotiable "medication" - just like some may pop a daily pill.


Chakra Balancing | I'm loving the Chakra Clearing/Balancing meditations on YouTube from Madeline Rinehart, which I'm planning to continue each morning.  They're only 10 minutes, but I hop out of bed smiling afterwards.


Essential Oils |  I'm pulling out my Ylang Ylang and Harmony blend oils this month.  Ylang Ylang to help balance both the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras and help bring balance to the mind, body and spirit.  This is also a wonderful oil in helping to open the heart, cultivate inner joy and trust (aahh bliss!).   The Harmony blend contains Frankincense, Orange, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender, Coriander, Geranium, Lemon, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Jasmine, Hyssop, Spruce, Rose Otto, Sage, Palmarosa and Angelica which all help to create harmony - physical, emotional and spiritual.  It also helps balance our energy centres/chakras, ease stress and help free emotional blocks softly and gently.


Outdoors | I've been doing so much inner work these last few months that I feel I need to "get outdoors" and chill a little more this month - from taking my book to the park on weekends, catch up with friends and maybe even some walks down by the beach - now that the weather has cooled down!


Curious about what the past few months had in store for me - see here for January, February and March.