Focus: August



Ok.  It’s time to wrap up July my friends.  Can you believe it?!


The facts


July for me was all about turning the skills I’ve been working on and developing over the last few months and putting them into actions (a profession), leading to future income and employment.  It was a time for me to acknowledge that I’ve been planting seeds and now it’s time to turn my Kapha/Vata vibe into more of a Pitta vibe (from a nurturing and creative vibe to an action vibe).  It was about bringing talent and energy into my life and into my creations, along with a good dose of positive energy.


The outcome


Hmmm…..this is the part I’m struggling with.  I’m perhaps a little underwhelmed, but then inwardly I’m also kinda over the moon with the month that’s been.  


It started with a bang.  I was focussed, energised and productive.  I was Wonder Woman.  I was ticking boxes and flowing with ideas.  During this initial spurt, I got a lot of sh#t done!  I revamped a HUGE chunk of my website – granted it was mostly behind the scenes, but areas that needed to be updated for me to move forward.  I made decisions on the future direction of my blog, creating a whole host of future content, and I worked on a lot of future products and initiatives.  Why I feel underwhelmed - I never really finished everything - I procrastinated a little too much.  Self sabotage?  Perhaps.


However, it wasn’t until the last week of July that things began to shift.  I’ve been, just by chance, introduced to a potential business opportunity within the healthly living lifestyle arena.  At the moment it’s still just an idea, but I’m researching, experimenting and thinking, and I’m quite excited about what it just might open up for me.  In time I’ll know, and it may not turn out the way I’d like, but it has answered some questions about the type of life I want for myself and the type of work I’d love to get involved with.  So who knows? 


 so what are my plans | actions | focus for august?


August (for me), is to be a month of using my creative talents and combining my ideas with beauty and producing “perfect” work.  A month of peace, harmony, strength, energy and growth (my heart soars as I type every one of those words!).  A time to gather the harvest after hard labour, of commercial activity (perhaps the potential opportunity I mentioned above??), and of finding a balance between emotional and material security, serenity and inner stability.


I feel like this month will be about finding (and hopefully enjoying) the balance between the 3 doshers (if you follow Ayerveda):


  • Kapha - my dominant dosha of peace, calm, serenity and harmony
  • Vata - creativity, beauty and ideas
  • Pitta – action, strength, energy


F me.  Bring it on sista!






I’m going to honour the 3 dosha’s by balancing my Kapha and Vata (the nurture and creative side, which I’ve been working with all year), and help build up my inner Pitta (action vibe).


Kapha (Nurture) | Committing myself to a set sleep/wake up routine (yes, I do this now, but I want to really get solid with this as Kapha’s can have a tendency towards laziness).  Move my body on a morning to help balance my passive and sedentary nature (I’ll continue walking to work and I’ve started to increase my yoga classes for strength).  I’ll amp up my body brushing to stimulate and spice up my cooking.  As I don’t need to increase Kapha (I definitely know how to relax/procrastinate!), I can use pungent, bitter and astringent foods to help either decrease or simply balance it out – think chilli, parsley and pomegrantes as well as leafy greens, turmeric and ginger.  Yum!


Vata (Creative) | As Vata is cold and dry – I’ll be leaning towards warm, cooked foods to calm Vata’s restlessness (thank God it’s still Winter!).  I’ll continue my meditation routine (usually 15-20 mins each morning in bed) to help calm the Vata mind and plan to climb into bed a little earlier each night.  Routine and consistency is wonderful for grounding “flighty” Vata, and whenever I start to fly away with the fairies, then I’ll diffuse sweet, heavy and warm essential oils like basil, cinnamon, citrus, cloves, frankincense, lavender and sage.


Pitta (Action) | To help feed the fire of Pitta, which controls our digestion, metabolism and energy production, my plan is to really get my Kapha more balanced, which in turn will help increase (balance) my Pitta.  As mentioned above, I’ll be getting more movement in my body and stimulating it with body brushing.  Getting more spice into my life, spend time outdoors and just laugh … a lot!  However, I personally have to watch I don’t go overboard in “feeding the Pitta fire” as having a lot of digestion and metabolism issues – I can easily go overboard.



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