FOCUS: August

July Overview – The Facts


July was all about being open to new opportunities that could see my dreams fulfilled with choices needing to be made, however making sure I went beyond the shiny surface and allure, and focused on what’s right for me.  I needed to look deeper into any offers/choices and check in with myself.  It was also a month about taking action rather than wishful thinking - focusing on one thing that would move me closer to my goals and resist the temptation to get side-tracked.


July Overview – The Reality


I dove into July with “building my online business” as the main focus – working on ways to narrow down my action points and create.  However, as much as I kept trying to focus, the more lost I felt.  Then about half way through the month, my health took a turn.  Voila.  Talk about a kick up the bum to make me get focused!  Looking back, July had nothing to do with building my business, but all about pushing the external noise to the side and prioritise self-care to help me heal.  As much as I don’t wish for what is currently happening with my health, I’m so utterly grateful for it, as I’ve learnt so much about myself and grown so much in such a short intense timeframe, that I wonder if I would have EVER got to this point without the kick up the bum I was delivered.



So What’s In-store for Me in August – The Facts


The card I pulled out for August was The Chariot card – a card of willpower, determination and strength.  It is seen as a sign of encouragement - having already set my objectives, I am now channelling my inner power with a fierce dedication to bring them to fruition. When I apply discipline, commitment and willpower to achieve my goals, I will succeed.  #yeehaw


Now isn’t the time for me to be passive, hoping that things will work out in my favour, but about me taking action and sticking to it, no matter what challenges may come my way – because apparently there will be challenges – from being pulled in opposite directions and finding my strength and conviction tested.  However, this card is an invitation to draw upon my willpower and self-discipline, so I can push past these obstacles. 


This is also not a time to cut corners or take the easy route, or I will fail.  Instead, I’m to see this endeavour as a test of my strength and conviction, and recognise that victory is definitely within reach, but it’s up to me to follow through.  It’s time to be bold in expressing my desires and laying down my boundaries.  To have faith in myself and know fundamentally who I am and what I stand for.



August – My Plan Going Forward


Ok.  So to help keep me focussed and disciplined, I’m going to:


Meditation | Continue with my Dr Joe Dispenza meditations, as they put me in such a wonderful headspace each day – keeping me in tune with myself. 


Chakra | The Solar Plexus Chakra is the centre of our motivation and willpower – where our ability to take action and make things happen resides.  I’ve been focussing on this chakra for a few weeks now, so will happily continue, including:

  • Madeline Rinehart’s Solar Plexus Clearing Stuck Energy meditation

  • Wearing my yellow gem (in my bra!)

  • Rubbing a drop of either lemon essential oil, or the Young Living Harmony blend on my solar plexus morning and night

  • Filling up my belly with delicious and nutritious yellow based veggies (for more on this chakra, see my post here)


Essential Oils |  Apart from using my Lemon and Harmony oils as mentioned below, I thought I’ll continue using my Grounding blend – to help me remain grounded when making decisions - this blend helps keep our energy centred, balanced and settled.  I’m also going to use the Awaken blend – which helps to support us in making the necessary personal changes that are required to manifest our dreams and goals.  Jeez - I’m gonna smell delicious!


Simplicity | What I discovered last month, is that I’m SO much more productive when things are simplified.  I’m not great when I have a list in front of me, so I’m peeling everything back to absolute basics.  My health is paramount, so I’ll be continuing with the little routines I’ve established from my sleep and morning routines to simply walking as much as possible and filling my body with nutrient dense plant foods.  Instead of focussing on “building my business”, I’m also just going to “share my story” and hopefully this will resonate or perhaps help others going through the same trials.  Removing any pressure and bring joy back!



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