FOCUS: January

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of all things Christmas, so January can often be a bit of a “ho hum” month for me.  No more twinkle lights, it’s too bloody hot to do anything and Christmas is now a whole 12 months away again.


However, having sat down and set my “goals/focus/intentions” for the next 12 months, that little spark of excitement and anticipation is beginning to stir.


In the past, like most of us, I would set a few goals for the whole year ahead.  Perhaps a word for the year, or a feeling for the year, and like most people, would completely forget them by February.   However, I do things a little different now, and I LOVE IT!


Last year I simply put all my energy and focus towards each individual month - giving each and every month its very own goal/focus/intention - helping me stay present, motivated, encouraged and "in the moment".  These goals/focus/intentions were not plucked out of thin air, but lovingly brought about through using tarot and angel cards, and basically tuning in. 


All I do is lay out 13 cards in front of me - one card for each month and an extra to “wrap up the year”, writing down their meanings and my thoughts/feelings about them into my diary, which I now won’t look at until each month is just about to commence - again, keeping me present, motivated and “in the moment”. 


Having done this last year for the first time and now looking back, I feel like I actually participated in the whole year.  The year didn’t “fly past” like it normally does, however I can remember how each month played out and how I felt at the time.  For those inevitable months where I withdrew inwards and lacked motivation – I was prepared and so I embraced them, and in the end, learnt so much more about myself.


So without further ado . . .


The Plan for January


The card I pulled out was the Ace of Swords


Marking a wave of new energy – the beginning of a journey - being on the verge of a significant breakthrough or a new way of thinking that will allow me to view the world with clear eyes.   It seems I cannot be stopped!


It’s telling me that for this month, my mind is in 'expansion mode’ and I will be open to embracing new ideas and craving stimulation in areas of creativity, intellect and communication.


By channelling this new energy into the right moves, I can expect success in my endeavours, but I’m to remember that the road ahead may be bumpy and there may be challenges along the way.   However, there is strength in adversity and by maintaining a success mindset – I will navigate these hurdles with ease.


Basically – I will reap what I sow!


Pretty great start to the year, don’t you think?


My January Activity Plan


I feel like this month refers to both my health (Hashimoto’s, SIBO and general gut health) and the new businesses/revenue streams I’m creating.


So I’m going to focus on . . .


Meditation | I’m going to keep up my morning meditation practice (just 10-15 mins is all I do) to help clear away the mental chatter and keep me focused, motivated and positive.

Walking | Now that the holidays are over (sob!) and I’m back at work (sob!), I’m embracing my walks to work again – just another way to help keep my mind clear and open to new ideas.

Essential Oils | I’m busting out my Young Living Motivation Oil Blend – with Chamomile, Norther Lights Black Spruce, Ylang Ylang and Lavender – helping me to overcome procrastination while promoting feelings of action and accomplishment. This energising and balancing blend enhances your ability to move forward in a positive direction.  Exactly what I need after the holiday slump.

Intuitive Eating | Following on from last month, which didn’t gather much momentum due to all the Christmas festivities -  I’m going to re-focus my energies once again on my intuitive eating practice – listening to my body and hunger signals. 

Business Planning | I’m putting on my boss babe hat and ramping up my visions/plans/actions for my 2 online revenue streams.  Remember – I’ll reap what I sow! 



Now over to you.  What’s your plan for January?