FOCUS: March

February – The Facts


As mentioned in a past post - FOCUS:  February - my goals/intentions for Feb were all about facing and dealing with any blocked emotions I’ve been avoiding and holding onto by burying my head in the sand and not making those difficult decisions.  My goal was show that these barriers were NOT the answer and that I had to stay open and avoid evading issues to find peace and wholeness.

 February  - The Reality


Holy sh*t!  This month was incredible with some BIG lows showing up in my life that should have knocked me over, but instead I feel so good from the inside out.  I’ve been facing them all head on from the fear of being diagnosed with a 2nd autoimmune disease and going onto medication I’d rather avoid, to working through an “Emotional Clearing Bootcamp” using meditation and beautiful essential oil blends for support in releasing old, negative and stagnant emotions.  I think I’ve cried every single night and I actually feel wonderful for it.  Looking back, I could easily have curled into a ball and played victim, but having had that little bit of knowledge of what this month had in stall for me has made everything doable and actually enjoyable.  God I’m so loving this monthly goal thing!


March – The Facts


The card I drew for March was - The Lovers.


Meaning the 2 sides of me.  Balance, harmony, love and affection.  Developing and building trust and unity within myself – giving me confidence, strength and empowerment.  This month is about development my own personal belief system, regardless of what others think of it and finding out who I actually am and what I actually stand for.  What’s my philosophy in life and what’s actually important and unimportant to me?  A month about being as true to myself as possible and to be as genuine and authentic to the people around me.  This balance, harmony and love will then lead me in weighing up future actions and making intuitive decisions. 


March – The Plan of Action


Solar Plexus (Gut) Chakra | I thought I’d focus on this particular chakra this month, which is located just above the belly button and is the source of our willpower and self-esteem.  When balanced, we should feel a wonderful sense of self-worth, easily set up boundaries and listen to our intuition (our gut feelings).  We’d have a healthy digestive system, balanced cortisol and insulin levels and sleep well.  When blocked, we can suffer from low self-esteem and have difficulty making decisions (more of this Chakra, see here and here). 

Food | Foods that support the Gut Chakra include light green/yellow and high water based veggies like celery, cucumber, mint and fennel, lemons and healthy fats and oils as well as chamomile and herbal teas

Meditation | Using specific Gut Chakra balancing meditations (which I grab from YouTube)

Saying No | Something I’ve stopped doing lately due to old habits, fear and obligation.  I’m going to slow down, listen to my gut and if it doesn’t toot my horn, it’s a no. 

Crystal | I’m keeping my blue lace agate crystal in my bra this month – yep, you heard me!  As I’ve found dealing with western medicine doctors quite tyring of late – as they’re so very focused on their own beliefs they find it hard to listen or “think outside of the square”.  I find this crystal to be a brilliant tool in helping me stay open and clear with my communication and beliefs.


Essential Oils | I have 10 more days of my “Emotional Clearing Bootcamp” which involves daily meditation using a number of essential oil blends specifically designed to help support the clearing of old, negative and stagnant energy – looking forward to seeing what else I can clear. 


The Success Mindset | A website I’ve discovered lately which is absolutely beautiful, feminine and inspiring is Lavendaire.  She has A LOT of information, inspiration and tips on personal growth.  In particular, she has a The Success Mindset podcast episode which I thought I’d delve into.



Ok, over to you - I’d love to hear how your February went for you, and what you have planned for March?