April Overview – The Facts


April looked and sounded like it was going to be a breeze (see more about it here), as it was all about balance, peace, patience and moderation.  A month of stabilising my energy and allowing life to simply flow through me without force or resistance. A month of happiness and fairy dust – or so I thought.


April Overview – The Reality


Well, if I was looking for an “easy” month – this wasn’t it!  In fact, when I look back, it was quite an emotional month - dealing with my health and also the stress of moving my mum into higher care at her nursing home.  However, when I look back now as I type this, the above is actually dead right!  Even though I shed tears and did a lot of forgiveness work on myself, I also “went with the flow”.  I didn’t like what I had to do, but I let it go and allowed everything to run its course, and in hindsight, it all went better than I could have imagined.


So What’s Instore for Me in May – The Facts


The tarot card I pulled out representing May (way back on New Year’s Eve) was the King of Cups - emotionally balanced, compassionate, diplomatic.


This card (apparently) tells me I have developed the ability to stay open to my emotions, creativity and unconscious impulses, without being overwhelmed by them (hmmm….I guess I kinda proved this to myself last month!)  I have developed control over my feelings and can accept them without allowing them to get the better of me, even when life throws me a curve ball.  When challenged, my goal is to remain emotionally mature and firm with my boundaries, to use my intellect to make smart decisions, to stay true to my beliefs and morals and to embody the balance between the executive and the heart. 


This is to be a month of finding joy, love, success, balance and happiness – enjoyment of wealth, beauty, pleasure and creativity - without vanity and egotism. 


Not only is this card all about me achieving my own goals - being a King card – it’s also about caring and ensuring those around me are happy and engaged, by providing wisdom, advice and compassion.  Wow - what a beautifully positive month!  The fact that it’s my birthday month is the cherry on top!


May – My Plan Going Forward


When I type the above, I feel it relates to my health - as I’m currently dealing with a number of medical practitioners (both holistic and general), and having a hard time being heard (in relation to the Western Doctors unfortunately).  I feel like this month is about me staying true to myself and my beliefs, no matter what others believe or want me to do.  To not get caught up in the emotion of it all.  Listen to all sides, do my research and make my own informed decisions.  To help, I’m going to:


Balance | Focus on what brings balance and joy into my life, from slowing down and not being “too busy”.  To reading my book, perhaps in the park if not too cold, and catching up with friends for coffee. 


Movement | I feel like I need to focus on my exercise a little more this month – give it a little more love in my life – from making sure I walk to work as much as I can (no matter the weather), and making my yoga and pilates classes an essential part of my week.  I love how I feel when I move my body regularly and have been neglecting this a little lately.


Self Care | I'll definitely continue with the routine I created for myself back in March, which I'm absolutely loving, including saunas, daily body brushing and Epsom salt baths and the Dr Joe Dispenzer meditation - I'm treating these self-care practices as non-negotiable "medication" - like how some people pop a daily pill.


Essential Oils |  I've been drawn to Jasmine and Geranium Essential Oil lately, which is perfect for this month as they are great oils for dealing with stress, anxiety and depression - creating a calming and mood-lifting environment as well as helping balance hormone levels.



Curious about what the past few months had in store for me - see here for January, February, March and April!