FOCUS: November


My October wrap up



As you may have read last month, October was to be all about The Emperor (referring to tarot cards) – suggesting stability and security in life.   The Emperor suggests I’m on top of things and everything is under control, due to my hard work, discipline and the self-control that have bought me this far. It’s about setting my own rules and boundaries for my life, setting up plans, goals and structure with a more masculine feel – being methodical, strategic and strong.



The reality


I’m laughing looking back at those words, as due to travelling to New York for most of October, I DEFINITELY was not on top of things, disciplined, nor had everything “under control”.  In fact, I was the complete opposite.  I went on a wild spending spree through the streets of NYC refusing to look at receipts and credit card statements until the inevitable happened - the credit card declined!  Whoops.  But do you know what – I’m actually not worried about it.  Yes, I don’t feel I “lived” my intensions fully for this month AT ALL, but I do feel like I embraced life and enjoyed all the little things without getting frustrated with myself, which I kind of feel is a more “masculine” way of dealing with situations.   I felt calm and at peace, letting go of any commitments and just trusting in the journey. 



The November Plan


November looks like it will be all about change and transformation.  The end of something old and non-serving and the beginning of something new and exciting.  The words I wrote on New Year’s eve included creative/artistic struggle ends in triumph – a new life – end of troublesome period – soul reborn.  Pretty bloody good hey!  Personally, being a Taurean, change scares the pants off me, but I’m so ready for this change.  I’ve been working towards it all year.  Yep, I’m definitely ready.



So this month I’m letting go and embracing change:



Meditate | Whilst travelling last month, I let go of my little 10-20 minute guided meditation morning routine – but they’re back in my life.  I missed them, and I really notice the subtle difference in my day when I do and don’t do them.  I’ll be focussing on motivation, letting go and embracing change topics.   

Essential Oils | I’ve got my “Release” Young Living essential oil blend on hand to help me calmly and effortlessly let go of anything I no longer need and promote harmony and balance.  It’s a blend of Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Geranium, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Spearmint, Lemon, Blue Cypress, Davana, Lime, Ocotea, Jasmine, Blue Tansy AND Rose - to give me support and confidence.

Joy |  Any change can be confronting for anyone, and with one of my Hashimoto’s symptoms being easy to stress, I’m going to be mindful of taking care of myself just that little bit more.  Focussing on the fun stuff from taking a bath and reading my book in the park to laughing with my bestie.  It’s the little things I love.

Mindset | I’m going to just go with it.  Stay positive, think abundantly, not think too much and not get bogged down in the details.  I’m going to stay open to the universe and just simply see where I end up. 


Off we go!