FOCUS: October

So before I fly into telling you all about my plans/goals for October, I thought I’d do a quick little wrap up of September.

September was to be about balanced judgement and control; balanced personality and mind; and balanced outlook.  

A bit ambiguous yes, so I took this to mean - staying focused, keeping my thoughts well-ordered and logical, but still balance with intuition, and I feel this is exactly how the month turned out. 

I scheduled my To Do List into my calendar as short little 30-60 minute bursts of time to keep me as focussed and as effective as possible.  This was a HUGE help, because when I have a whole day blocked out to do something - I procrastinate - big time!  I’m a last minute, under the pump kind a girl, so giving myself only 30 minutes to really go hell for leather was a brilliant strategy, and as you’ll see below, something I’m planning to take into next month with me.

Another point to note was that I really listened to my gut in staying authentic.  There were a few times when I was tired, or busy and just wanted to get something finished and out the door, but it just didn’t feel quite right.  In those moments, I actually found myself stopping what I was doing and letting it go.  I was very grateful the following day for having done this.

Now, October

The Facts


For October, my readings were about The Emperor (referring to tarot cards) – suggesting stability and security in life.   The Emperor suggests I’m on top of things and everything is under control, due to my hard work, discipline and the self-control that have bought me this far. It’s about setting my own rules and boundaries for my life, setting up plans, goals and structure with a more masculine feel – being methodical, strategic and strong.


The words I wrote down at the beginning of the year included: self-discipline; masculine; logical; knowledge gained through experience; balance of creative + mental activity; wealth + power; relaxed + comfortable confidence; an overseer; and a voice to be heard.





To be honest with you – I’m loving the thought of this month.  My comfort zone (being a Taurean) is very much about structure and check lists.  The majority of this year to date, has been all about me exploring my more feminine side, which I have absolutely loved and have hugely benefited from, however it definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  However here, this month, I feel I can tick boxes again with gusto!


The feeling I get when I write all of the above is utter calm.  I feel like all the hard work over the past few years, the focus I’ve poured into each month this year due to this “monthly focus exercise” and the steps I’ve taken recently towards building a new and exciting life and revenue stream for myself, is all coming together, and now is the time to put it into play and actually live it.  To stay focused and disciplined with my boundaries, tasks and goals.  Stay logical and balanced between creativity and work.  And above all else breath confidence.  I’ve got this!





This month I’m embracing structure (my happy place!), so I’m sharing my first “check list” with you . . .



Plan | Last month I focussed on scheduling set times into my calendar for my business(s), keeping me focused for 30-60 minute to get sh%t done!  I’ve really enjoyed this simple process and am going to continue with it and hopefully make it more focused, refined and more effective.  This will be extra useful during October as I’ll be travelling overseas for a big chunk of the month. 

Routine |  I thrive on routine, feeling so much more grounded and effective in what I do.  I thought I might try to really focus my routine into short burst of time, like above.  Go all out for 30-60 minutes with each task, from grocery shopping to cleaning the house, and even watching Netflix.  When I do each task, focus 100% and then tick the box.  Voila.

Confidence  |  Learn to acknowledge and back myself – I’m an authentic positive person, and based on my experiences to date, I fell I know what I’m talking about.  I’m definitely no expert, but I’m constantly learning and experimenting on myself.  I need to start stepping up and believing in myself, and meditation and affirmations have been really helping in this area. 

Essential Oils | To help support me in the areas of building confidence and staying motivated, I’ll be surrounding myself with Cedarwood, Ginger, Grapefruit, Rosemary and Orange essential oils this month.  Bliss!