Way back on New Year's Eve with a glass of bubbles in my hand, I set my objectives - goals - intentions for the year ahead by drawing Tarot or Angel cards.  To make me more focused and accountable throughout the year, I break them down to monthly objectives - goals - intentions.  A card for each month!


September Overview – The Facts


The card I pulled out for September was the Knight of Wands (see here).  Symbolising energy, passion, inspired action, adventure and impulsiveness.


This card was all about the actual pursuit of an idea/goal/passion (rather than just thinking) with my charged up energy, passion, motivation and enthusiasm.  I have a clear vision about what I want to create and, fueled by my passion and inspiration, I’m moving forward in leaps and bounds to turn this vision of mine into reality. This card is my sign to go for it!


September Overview – The Reality


When I first read the above, I immediately referred it to building my online biz, however September was actually all about my health.  Helping to heal this bod of mine.  And man, was I motivated!  I've been doing anything and everything to help me heal (lots more on this coming soon), so the reality really hit the mark this month.  I definitely "went for it!"


So What’s In-store for Me in October – The Facts


The card I pulled out for October is the Page of Wands.  Inspiration, ideas, discovery, limitless potential, free spirit.  This card is about me giving anything and everything a go and embracing the opportunity to start out on a new journey or project, wherever it takes me.   I may not necessarily have a plan in place, nor do I really know where I’m headed, but I’m excited about the possibilities.  Nothing will get in the way of my dreams!  The Page of Wands card can also appear when a spiritual path or journey may be calling you.


However, I apparently need to take my creative sparks and ground it down into reality - mapping out a strategy before starting.


I LOVE the sound of this month.  I've been so focused and in go go go mode, that the words inspiration and free spirit make me feel lighter and more calm and open.



October – My Plan Going Forward



Ok.  So to help keep me balanced, inspired and grounded this month, I’m planning to:


Meditation | Continue with my daily meditations by Dr Joe Dispenza, as they put me in such a wonderful head space – keeping me motivated and in tune with myself.  I always feel lighter when I do his meditations.


Essential Oils |  I'm going to keep 2 of the same oil blends I used last month - Grounding and Awaken.  Grounding – to help me remain grounded when making decisions - keeping my energy centered, balanced and settled.  Awaken – to help support me in making the necessary personal changes that are required to manifest my dreams and goals.   I'm also planning to throw Jasmine into the mix - for calming, centering and emotional balance.  It's an oil that brings pure happiness.


Balance | Yin Yoga has been coming up lately - A practice I love and haven't been able to get to for a while now, but I'm heading back - helping bring more balance into my life and allowing me to "let go".



Curious about what the past month was all about - see here