FOCUS: September

Way back on New Year's Eve with a glass of bubbles in my hand, I set my objectives - goals - intentions for the year ahead by drawing Tarot or Angel cards.  To make me more focused and accountable, I break them down to monthly objectives - goals - intentions.  A card for each month!


August Overview – The Facts


August was all about willpower, determination and strength (see my original post here).  Having already set my objectives, I was now meant to channel my inner power with a fierce dedication to bring them to fruition.  It wasn't a time to be passive, hoping that things will work out, but about me taking action and sticking to it, no matter what challenges may come my way (and by God there were challenges!!).


This was also not a time to cut corners or take the easy route.  Instead, I was to see this endeavour as a test of my strength and conviction, and recognise that victory is definitely within reach, but it’s up to me to follow through.  A time to be bold in expressing my desires and laying down my boundaries.  To have faith in myself and know fundamentally who I am and what I stand for.


August Overview – The Reality


Holy cow!  August was definitely a month I will remember for both good and not so good reasons.  The not so good was that I unfortunately received some not so great news about my health, however it was also good because the news really made me take action.  It made me stop and look at my life and how I was living it with a fine tooth comb, and then make some major changes.  I'm only a few weeks in to some of these changes, but wow what I difference they've made in how I feel so far.   I have good and bad days, but overall I'm much more energised and motivated to create and live a beautiful HEALTHY life and I'm loving each of the steps I'm taking to make it happen.  I'll chat more on this in future posts.


So basically, I feel the facts = the reality.  It WAS a month all about willpower, determination and strength - taking action and being bold no matter the challenge.  I feel like I did gain faith in myself.



So What’s In-store for Me in September – The Facts



The card I pulled out for September was the Knight of Wands.  Symbolising energy, passion, inspired action, adventure and impulsiveness.


This card is all about the actual pursuit of an idea/goal/passion (rather than just thinking) with my charged up energy, passion, motivation and enthusiasm.  I have a clear vision about what I want to create and, fuelled by my passion and inspiration, I’m moving forward in leaps and bounds to turn this vision of mine into reality. This card is my sign to go for it!


I'm to be bold, courageous and willing to venture into unknown territories, with growth and expansion waiting for me on the other side.   As I pursue my goals, my confidence will skyrocket, and I will realise that my potential is limitless. I can do anything!


However, I have to stay mindful that this card can also express "act first, think later" tendencies.  I may become impulsive and impatient, expecting everything to be done yesterday, with a tendency to rush into things with little consideration for the consequences.   I need to make sure I focus this enthusiasm on the activities that will actually move me closer to my goal,  and check in and see if they truly align with my goals and/or if they need to happen right now.


September – My Plan Going Forward


Ok.  So to help keep me focussed and grounded this month, I’m planning to:


Meditation | Continue with my daily meditations by, as they put me in such a wonderful headspace – keeping me motivated and in tune with myself.  Also great at helping to slow me down allowing me to think before acting.


Essential Oils |  I'm going to keep 2 of the same oil blends I used last month - Grounding and Awaken.  Grounding – to help me remain grounded when making decisions - keeping my energy centred, balanced and settled.  Awaken – to help support me in making the necessary personal changes that are required to manifest my dreams and goals.  

Journalling | I’ve recently (once again) pulled out my journal that I use to scribble in most nights. I’ve been enjoying getting the floating thoughts out of my head and onto a page. It helps me work out what’s actually important and worth my further time and energy. Hopefully this will help keep me focused and grounded.



Curious about what the past month was all about - see here for August.