AIP Cookbook Review + Pork Chops



Righteo.  This particular post is a long-time in the making as this cookbook has been a common visitor in my kitchen for over a year now – well since starting this whole AIP lifestyle, yet I’ve not mentioned it or given thanks to the woman who created it.


When I first discovered Sophie and her website – A Squirrel in the Kitchen – God, was I a happy little lady.  Not only was Sophie dealing with Hashimoto’s like me, but her website was filled to the brim with AIP recipes and resources as well as my all time favourite cuisine … French!  I think it took all of 2 seconds for me to hit “purchase” and pull out my credit card for her book Simple French Paleo.


Not only is the book filled with AIP French recipes, it also gives a very detailed introduction to the Autoimmune Protocol.


Since that day, I’ve cooked many of Sophie’s recipes as well as simply being inspired by them – creating and sharing my own versions.


When I initially started on this AIP pathway of mine – I’ll admit that I lost a little part of me.  My joy of cooking.  I was overwhelmed with the changes and “strictness” of the protocol, and my “feeling sorry for myself” attitude didn’t help matters.  However, finding this website and purchasing this book gave me back that little piece of joy I was missing.  It made me want to skip back into my kitchen and play, and in fact that first night I brought it home, I couldn’t wait to hit the shops and pick up the ingredients.


Lavender and Honey Pork

Serves 2


1/2 tbsp lavender flowers | pinch of himalayan salt | 6 tbsp olive oil | 2 tbsp raw honey | 1 tbs apple cider vinegar | 4 organic pork medalions or 2 large pork chops


Combine lavender, salt, olive oil, honey and vinegar in a bowl and use to coat your pork medalions/chops.  Cover the bowl and marinate in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Heat oven to 180D/350F, and place the pork into a lined roasting pan - pouring the marinade over the top and bake until the meat is slightly pink inside and the juices run clear, about 20 minutes.  Remember to baste a couple of times during the cooking time.


(Note:  I only added 1 tbsp of honey into my marinade for my own personal taste)




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