Fruit - Morning or Afternoon?


I've just said goodbye to week 7 on AIP and had a little epiphany.  Interested to hear?


So I conducted a little experiment on myself recently which I wanted to share with you.


What prompted this was a little video posted by Jessica Sepel from JS Health, who spoke about her experience in working with clients and their intake of fruit.  To be more specific – their eating of fruit in the afternoon and their inevitable sweet cravings after dinner!  Through her experience, she came to the conclusion that afternoon fruit consumption = insulin slump near dinnertime = more sugar please!


Her personal stand.  Consume fruit in the morning only.


So I experimented.


What else do you do in Winter?


Part 1 of my experiment – I spent the entire week eating fruit only in the morning – nothing sweet went passed my lips after midday.  My initial feelings and thoughts at the end of this week was that I felt good.  Any bloating had settled down significantly and I was sleeping like a baby each and every night.


Part 2 of my experiment – Involved eating fruit in the afternoon only for an entire week.


I lasted 1 day!


On day one I had some strawberries in the afternoon and ½ banana with a good dollop of coconut yoghurt after dinner.


I hardly slept a wink.


I struggled getting to sleep initially and then was wide awake at 2.30pm starving hungry – a joyful symptom of an insulin slump.  When I did finally wake up with the alarm, I was so tired and groggy that I couldn’t be f’d with my usual morning routine and went straight for caffeine.  Something I NEVER do during the week.


I do acknowledge that my body is quite sensitive at the moment, and not being a big sugar eater at the best of times will have made my reaction probably more extreme, however this little experiment opened my eyes.


You nailed it Jess, and from now on (for me personally), fruit is a morning only treat.