Grapefruit - A favourite Summer essential oil



Saying a quick hello this week and sharing with you one of my favourite essential oils from this Summer.




Did you know that grapefruit essential oil helps relieve water retention and metabolise fat?  Hence, why it is one of my fav’s!


It can also help balance your mood (brings feelings of joy and satisfaction), soothe a sore throat, and if applied topically, help heal cuts and scratches.


How and Why to Use?


  • 3pm slump = just open a bottle up on your desk and sniff.  The invigorating aroma will uplift your mood and help you power through.
  • Don’t drink your 2-3 litres of water each day = just add 1 drop to your water jug each morning (you’ll guzzle it down!)
  • Cellulite = studies show that massaging onto problem areas (mixed with a little oil) can have great results.
  • Want to refresh and kill airborne germs in your home = add a few drops to your diffuser.
  • Want a spa without the cost = add a few drops to an Epsom Salt bath (make sure you mix the oil into a little milk or coconut oil before adding to your water – don’t want to burn any “lady bits”).



Personally, I use the Young Living brand of essential oils, however whatever brand of oil you do use - just make sure it is 100% pure, cold-pressed and therapeutic grade.