Healing Family Eats


In my past life I loved to make old fashioned slices.  You know the ones, made from crushed biscuits or nuts, blitzed with butter and sugar and pressed into baking tins.  I was in my element wearing my floral apron with flour in my hair and my hands sticky with sugar.


I loved the meditative ritual of pulling the slice out of the tin once set, holding it by the edges of the baking paper, smiling in satisfaction when it slipped out effortlessly and whole.  No breaks.  No crumbs.


I loved pushing the knife through that first slice and eyeballing how big or small I wanted the squares to be.  Bigger often won the battle, and why the hell not?!


Ahh, but alas.  Those days are gone. 


Well, so I thought. 


I don’t think I’ve ever 1. found a blog, 2. found a recipe, then 3. made that said recipe as fast as I did with this one.


Kate from Healing Family Eats has created the most exquisite blog filled with mouth-watering AIP friendly recipes and beautiful photography.  Within minutes of discovering her blog I had downloaded recipes and bought her e-Book.  Needless to say, I’m inspired. 


Her recipe for Raw Coconut, Orange and Date Bars (see here) had me running to my kitchen, donning my apron once again and experiencing the same nostalgia and joy I use to get from those gluten, grain and sugar filled slices of old, but without the side-effects.





Want the recipe for this slice, or simply love some good old fashioned food porn, then please pop on over to Healing Family Eats.  You’ll fall in love also.  I guarantee it!