Healing Foods Series



Are you experiencing feelings like me - of being weighed down, not only by illness, but by the mental and physical preparation needed to get any dietary and lifestyle changes started?


Are you grieving foods you need to eliminate?



These feelings are normal and can apply to anyone who has had to change their diet and lifestyle due to an autoimmune disease. 


We focus so much (naturally) on the foods we’re letting go of – the negatives – in saying goodbye and feeling deprived, that we forget (or simply overlook) those wonderful foods we can still eat, and in fact, should be eating on a daily basis.  These foods are recommended to us for a reason as they help us heal.  They’re highly nutritious, delicious to boot and they nourish us from the inside out.


Yes, eliminating inflammatory causing foods is a major step, I believe, in our wellness journey, however embracing these nutrient dense foods is just as important.  Don’t underestimate them. 


So to help shift your thinking from deprivation to abundance, I’m sharing with you my 4 top nutrient-dense food groups that you can add into your life, starting today.  I’ve done all the research.  You just need to sit back and enjoy.



as always, pay attention to how your dietary choices make you feel. everyone is different, so it’s up to you to decide which type of diet ultimately serves you best.