Healthy Food + Flying


I love, love, love me a holiday, and right at this very moment in time, I’ll be wandering the streets of New York.  Jeez .. life can be bloody wonderful!


So today’s topic of choice is all about . . .


healthy food + flying


Being a non gluten, grain and dairy eater, eating on flights can be just a wee bit difficult, to say the least.  So over the years, I’ve come up with a formula that suits me to a tee, and I thought it would be selfish if I didn’t share. 


So here we go.  Ready?




On short domestic flights, I simply don’t eat.   I can survive a couple of hours without food, and as I’m not a “snacker” in my normal everyday life, I don’t tend to snack on planes either, especially considering the quality of snacks available!




On long haul flights, I always pack my own food as “organic paleo” is not a menu choice option to tick on a plane (maybe one day … maybe?).   


I also tend to limit the amount of times I eat during the flight.  What I mean by this, is I only eat at “normal” meal times – breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I don’t eat simply because the flight attendants tell me to.  I eat when I’m hungry.  I do, however make sure I pack more than enough food, just in case.  Yes, this does mean that some of the food is thrown out at the other end, however I hate being hungry, and you seriously don’t want to be sitting next to me when I am!


Also remember, the seats on a plane are small and squishy, so you want any food you bring along to be easily accessible and easy to eat!


Food Ideas


Chopped Fruit + Veggies | Bite sized pieces of non-sticky/non-juicy fruit and veggies, including banana and berries as well as celery, carrots and cucumbers.  Basically anything that doesn’t require a napkin to eat

Home-made Dip | Make it nice and thick so it doesn’t leak (or get confiscated as a liquid!)  I love having guacamole or a veggie hummus with me (legume free for me please)

Veggie Salad | This is usually my main meal and I will make 1-2 serves, depending on the length of the flight.  My salads are filled with loads of roasted and steamed veggies – both starchy and non-starchy veggies (using up everything left in the fridge), some poached chicken and plenty of good fats to keep me satiated

Sweet Tooth | I’ll often pack a couple of my home-made protein balls when/if that sweet tooth pops up

Milk | I will always pack a little pourable air-tight jar of coconut or almond milk for any cups of tea and coffee either in the air or at the airport

Smoothie | Sometimes if I want to give my digestion a little break in the air, instead of the veggie salad, I might just bring with me a big arse green veggie smoothie using up all those leftover veggies.  Make sure your jar has a very secure lid and keep it thick so it won’t spill (or again, get confiscated at security).  Simply add some water to thin it out once you’re in the air

Chia Puddings | These are super simple to whip up and easy to carry, and the addition of chia seeds are great for keeping you hydrated in the air

Home-made Paleo Bread | Pack a few slices which you can then simply add some of your home-made guacamole or hummus to

Chocolate | Just in case the need for chocolate arises, pack a couple of Loving Earth mini individual chocolates in your bag – if unopened, you can sometimes carry these off the plane with you – just make sure you declare them



As much as I hate to use plastic in my everyday life, when travelling on a plane, I do find it so much easier to pack all the above (apart from the milk, smoothie and chia puddings of course) into ziplock bags, as they don’t take up as much room and can be easily discarded when finished with.  Make sure to pack a few spare in your suitcase, because you’re going to have to do the same all over again for your flight back home.


If for some strange reason I DO have to eat on a flight . . 


  • I try and choose the most clean meal possible, with the least amount of sauce added (so as to avoid as much sugar and preservatives as possible)

  • Stick to protein and vegetables and avoid the stodgy carbs

  • Eat the fruit salad

  • Eat the cheese (if you tolerate dairy)

  • Ask for nuts




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