How Breakfast Can Support Your Health


When it comes to making changes or simply improving our health, it’s often the little things we do that can really add up to make the biggest difference.   


We so often get overwhelmed when we assume we have to make be sacrifices to improve our Health - whether it’s to gain more energy or lose a few kg’s , however did you know research shows that we’re better off making small, consistent changes rather than aiming for a major diet or lifestyle overhaul?


To succeed, changes need to be practical and sustainable so we can permanently adopt it into our everyday life.


One of these small everyday changes, which will have a huge impact is . . .




Did you know that a healthy, nutritious breakfast is one of the essentials for creating and maintaining a healthy day?


Stop Over Eating | When we skip breakfast our blood sugar levels drop, bringing on hunger and a weaker resistance – hello cake and cookies!  It’s vital to maintain steady blood sugars to help us with portion control and in turn, weight loss.  It’s our blood sugar levels that help to regulate our appetite.


Increase Energy | Breakfast is fuel for the body and starting our day by eating a healthy meal is key for us to sustain energy throughout the day.  However, not all breakfasts are created equal, and a well-balanced, nutrient dense meal containing quality ingredients such as fibre, protein and fat is what our bodies need.


Improve Concentration | If your concentration dips throughout the day, you can blame the fact you either missed breakfast or ate a sugar-filled bowl of nutrient nothingness. 


Kickstart Metabolism | Metabolism is the process that our body undergoes to convert food into energy, however when we haven’t eaten for a substantial amount of time (usually over 12 hours), our body can go into starvation mode and our metabolism slows down, clinging on to its fat stores.  Eating breakfast revives our body after a night of sleeping – jumpstarting our metabolism, helping it to produce the enzymes needed to metabolise fat.



Some of my fav quick + nutrient-dense breakfasts


All recipes can be made in advance.

All recipes are tote-able


So now the "I don’t have time for breakfast" excuse is well and truly gone!






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