HOW TO: Apple Sauce


Am I right in saying that so many "healthy" recipes these days are sweetening their cakes/muffins with applesauce?  


Now this is all fine and dandy if you're in America (well, I'm assuming since most of these recipes are from the States), however here in Australia, applesauce isn't all that common an ingredient,  unless you're in the baby food isle.  Especially an applesauce made from organic apples with NOTHING ELSE ADDED!  


Answer = make your own!



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Homemade Apple Sauce

makes 1 cup


2 large green apples


Core and roughly chop your apples and place into a small saucepan (with a little splash of water) over a low heat.  Gently cook the apples until the become soft and mushy.  Transfer to a blender and blitz until silky smooth.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge, or place any leftovers in the freezer for next time.





I used this applesauce in my Blackberry Paleo Muffin recipe (see here!)