HOW TO: Coconut Milk - Milk Alternative


Are you starting, or thinking about starting the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) yourself? 


Or perhaps on the lookout for a dairy free milk substitute?


Look no further my lovely friend.


Personally, I haven’t had any cow’s milk dairy for quite some time in an effort to help with my symptoms of Hashimoto’s and leaky gut.  Since starting AIP, I’ve now also said goodbye to nut milks - my dairy milk go-to.  I truly thought this would be my breaking point.


And then coconut milk came into my life. 


I’ve always been a devoted fan of the white stuff in my cooking and baking, but never as a milk to add to my cup of tea.  Now, if truth be told, I’m enjoying coconut milk a hell of a lot more.


Just 2 ingredients, simple to make, and no hidden nasties.  What’s not to love.  It’s also packed full of medium chain fatty acids and lauric acid – used by our body’s for energy, and due to being antibacterial and antiviral, coconut milk can actually help build up our body’s immune defences.    Did you know coconut milk has also been known to help lower your cholesterol levels and improve your blood pressure?


Please know, I have no issue whatsoever in using organic coconut milk from a can – but be warned – so many brands (even the organic ones) contain gums and additives, highlighting the need to read labels!  This is why making your own can be a real game changer when it comes to your health.


Let me show you just how easy it is . . .