The Cookbook Challenge

I'm very excited at the moment as I've just joined The Cookbook Challenge.

The challenge is 52 weeks to interpret 52 themes whatever way we wish by cooking a dish from one of our cookbooks related to each of the themes. Each challenge begins on a Monday, and we have until the following Monday to complete the dish and post the results on our blog.

This little project was created by Rilsta of My Food Trail, Kat of Spatula Spoon and SaturdayIron Chef Shellie and Agnes from Off the Spork.

I have a little obsession in buying cookbooks and reading them like novels. Unfortunately, like many people, I don't then get the time to actually cook many (if any) of the recipes from them, so I felt this was the perfect opportunity to get me opening them again and having some fun in the kitchen. I'm a little behind in the project already as the cut off for Day 1 is actually tomorrow, Monday 23rd (you need to give me a little break as I only joined the challenge today!), but am planning to catch up and can't wait to decide what to make with the first theme being 'Citrus'....wish me luck!