Riding along on my push bike baby....

Last Sunday I spent a lazy day with one of my nieces "Ms B", riding around the Yarra River and enjoying some yummy stuffed baguettes in the botanic gardens.

With 9 minute to go before we had to get the bikes back to the hire shop, we managed to fight our way through the Southbank Sunday market crowd to the gelati shop where we managed to squeeze in some yummy lychee and crushed pineapple gelati (for me), and Ms B had the vanilla and mango....delicious. We still managed to make it over the other side of the river in time. Shame it was a 39 degree day, otherwise it would have been perfect!

We filled one baguette with thinly sliced boiled egg, mayonnaise and baby spinach leaves, and the other with a mixture of tuna, cannellini beans and lemon juice with some more baby spinach leaves.