What a wonderful day....

I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than heading down to the Yarra Valley with some girlfriends for a wonderful, relaxing and indulgent lunch....can you?

On Saturday we headed down to a restaurant called Bella Vedere which is located at the Badgers Brook Winery in the Yarra Valley. Bella Vedere in Italian means 'beautiful view', and what a gorgeous view it was.....

One of my girlfriends and I stumbled across this restaurant two years ago when we spent a lazy weekend (spent eating mostly) down in Marysville and as we couldn't get a booking at the time, swore we would come back to try it out....well, two years later we finally fulfilled that wish.

To begin with, the bread they placed on the table had to be the most beautiful bread I've ever tasted. It was so soft and light with a real saltiness that was so moreish....I had to stop myself from eating any more as I wouldn't fit my lunch in, which was organic baked pork belly. The only word to say here is YUMMMM!

M had the slow cooked venison with wet polenta, whilst N had the baked trout. Both looked equally as delicious and were gobbled down just as quick.

As you walk into the restaurant, you actually pass by the bakery which has all of the desserts on display...very good tactic I think as we couldn't leave with giving them a try. I opted for what looked a little like a rhubarb tart tatin....whatever it was, it was magnificent. Nice and tart with a sweet kick.

M chose the lime and coconut tart - this was probably the winner out of all the desserts - so creamy, and N chose the tiramisu.

After polishing off yummy wine and then some coffees, we were ready for a nap, and staggered slowly out of the restaurant at around 5pm......ready to head home to pj's, the couch and a cup of tea.....see, I told you there was no better way to spend an afternoon!