VIP Day, and Cupcakes Gallour......

1. Take a class of high energy grade 3 kids, bright and early one morning last week.

2. Take a scared and intimidated aunty, and stand her at the front of the above mentioned kids.

What do you get.....



I was a very lucky Aunty last week as I was asked to come along to my niece's class as her VIP. Basically, I was her 'show and tell'.

I was to give a little talk to her class about all the cooking that I do.

Talk about shaking in my boots! How to show no fear and keep grade 3 kids from attacking....


Instead of just talking and boring the pants off all her friends, I had the genius idea of getting them all involved in decorating cupcakes.

Talk about fun. I had an absolute ball with these talented kids, and I think they had fun too....especially the ones who ended up with blue and green tongues by the time I left.

A special mention to the gorgeous little cupcake below and to the right - my niece's.

Hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did Ms M.