From the beach to the country......

What a wonderful weekend.

It started with a trip down the coast to of my favourite little beach towns as it doesn't get too crowded with tourists or over taken by the 'beautiful people'. I really love its understated and untouched charm, and I just hope that not too many people discover this little place and turn it into another fingers (and toes) are crossed!

Breakfast was spent at the Old Duke, sipping coffees and munching on a yummy plate of asparagus and corn fritters topped with smoked salmon, poached egg and lemon mayonnaise.....beautiful.

After the rain on Friday night, the black clouds finally cleared on Saturday and the sun came out to play - and so did I - taking a wander down along the beach front. Still a little chilly in the shade but sitting out in the sun was glorious (definitely thong weather!).

We woke up to an absolutely beautiful day Sunday morning, and after some extra, extra thick cut toast and tea, we picked up a coffee to go and travelled down the highway to Castlemaine...

I've lived in Victoria for most of my life, but have to admit that I've never been to Castlemaine. I've been wanting to go for years, but just never got myself organised enough. So just over 2 hours later we arrived and stopped at a little cafe called Saffs for a bite of lunch....delicious club sandwich and pumpkin/blue cheese risotto balls whilst relaxing out in the back courtyard in the sun.

After waddling out of the cafe with our full bellies, we took a slow walk around the town. Spring was definitely in the air with all of the beautiful flowers out in full force and the pollen flying everywhere.

Such a gorgeous old town that I could have wandered around for hours and hours.....

But ice-cream was calling....gotta love holidays!