A birthday, a beach and a good cup of coffee

A big

Happy Birthday

to my wonderful mum for today which we celebrated down by the beach - Barwon Heads beach to be exact.

I have a lot of childhood memories of Barwon Heads where we would spend Summer holidays at the local caravan park. The most vivid being the little milk truck that would drive past all the caravans and tents delivering milk for the week, and where I would be allowed to get a Chocolate Big M as a special treat if I was good.

Days were spent playing mini golf or jumping for hours on the trampolines, as well as, of course, making sandcastles down on the beach. Being the youngest, I was only ever allowed to go to the beach by the river - never to the 'big people' beach with the huge waves where my sister and brothers would run off to with all the cool kids....

I'm not bitter


Anyway, today was spent having a leisurely and casual lunch at a little cafe situated right on the water called By The Heads. This is the one made famous by the TV show "Sea Change".

We munched on baked salmon, linguine marinara, and seafood chowder....to name just a few....

We then headed into the main street for some dessert at a little place called Annie's Provedore.

Such a sweet little cafe filled with everything you'd love to have in your own pantry (they didn't have cafes like this when we use to visit).

Here I was served a delicious cup of coffee which I had with a wee little treat - custard filled cupcake....divine!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday today mum with your family, some yummy food, and finally, some sunshine!

Love you lots!