A little food; a little bubbles; a little Billie....

I LOVE opening up a new diary at the beginning of the year and writing in it for the first time (yep, I still use the old fashioned variety).

I LOVE that everything naughty I ate last year no longer matters and I can start fresh.

I LOVE that I'm still on holidays from work.


New Years Eve signifies the end of Christmas...forced merriment...and traipsing through drunk crowds....it's just not my scene.

So this year I spent New Years Eve with fellow anti-NYE friends, and we called it "Nanny Night".

Basically we watched dvd's, nibbled on cheese and pate, drank lots of bubbles and then sat outside (once the cool change had finally come through), talking and listening to Billie Holiday.

Ms E made yummy homemade chocolate mousse and Ms P feed us homemade cheesecake. My contribution was a new dish I've been practicing - little corn cakes topped with guacamole.

I also made a refreshing watermelon punch spiked with gin to get Nanny Night started.

What a perfect way to start a fresh new year - relaxing with good friends, wonderful food and beautiful music. Ahhh...I'm one very lucky girl!