Picnic weather.....Not!

Me and picnics - not good!

Each time I've organised one lately it's ended up being one of the wettest days in Melbourne's history, and last Sunday was no exception.

I had organised a little get-together with some girlfriends and guess what arrived at the same time that we did at the park...the rain!

However, nothing stops my friends and I from eating and we munched our way through a range of goodies which everyone bought along, including.....

Falafel balls with tzatziki and cous cous with roasted pumpkin and beetroot.

Lemon pepper chicken salad, chicken rice paper rolls and little antipasta.

Bacon and egg pie and a zucchini slice.

My Salmon Rillette with ciabbata and some good old-fashioned egg sandwiches.

Luckily the sun poked its head out of the clouds later in the day and it turned into a lovely, relaxing afternoon as we popped out the thermos of coffee and the sweets....

Little chocolate tarts and raspberry swirl cheesecakes.

Chocolate cake which I'm ashamed to say we didn't end up cutting into.

And individual cheesecake cups topped with fresh strawberries (I had previously made this cheesecake as a whole cake from the "At Home with Magnolia" cookbook for my

mum's birthday

- for this picnic, I made little individual ones).

All in all, another wonderful day filled with lovely friends and yummy food!

Shame we didn't hold it this weekend.