Look Out Sydney Here We Come - Day 2

One of my favourite streets to walk down in Sydney is Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst. I just love the quirky mix of old, new, tatty and ritz all squished into the one street.

I also love the peacefulness of this street –away from the car horns and general traffic noises.

So because of this, DAY 2 started off blissfully with breakfast at Bills, Darlinghurst.


I love his Sweet Corn Fritters and Banana Hotcakes (which we shared).

I love that we could sit there for a few hours over cups of coffee and pots of tea and not feel rushed.

I love that I walked up that massive hill on Liverpool Street so I could sit and enjoy (without guilt) the honeycomb butter that melts all over the Hotcakes.

After breakfast we had planned to see the Terracotta Warriors which were on display at the Art Gallery. Unfortunately they closed the day before – doh!

What to do?

Adrian Zumbo’s in Balmain, of course!

So we hoped on the bus for Balmain.

Such a tiny, gorgeous looking bakery which I couldn’t stop snapping pictures of – unfortunately the food just didn’t live up to the hype (for my taste buds anyway).

So, where to next?

The Bourke Street Bakery, of course!

Now this place lived up to the hype.

I loved it!

I loved the walk down all the little back streets to Bourke Street. I loved the display cabinets filled with all my favourite goodies. I loved the food that I squeezed into my ever expanding stomach. I loved it!

Again, another exceptional day comes to an end in Sydney with some little treats -

Cupcakes from Sparkle!