Watch Out Sydney Here We Come - Day 3

Whenever I think back to past holidays, my memories are all focused around the food I’ve eaten or seen. It could be an amazing meal, or a great coffee, or as simple as a surprise little find or a new taste discovered.

If you were to take a look at my photos, they are all centred around a dining table, in a kitchen, a restaurant or even simply just me with food in my hands.

This little holiday was no exception, with the pièce de résistance of the weekend - lunch on our last day.

After a light breakfast of toasted banana bread (which is advertised EVERYWHERE in Sydney), we wandered up towards Circular Quay, and in particular to Peter Gilmore’s



I’d been wanting to try this restaurant for quite some time, however I did walk through the door thinking it was most likely going to be too touristy (because of it’s location), over priced, and way too pretentious.

How wrong I was.

This was one of those experiences I will remember for a very long time.

We started with Butter poached quail breast with pumpernickel, morrel and foie gras pudding, walnuts, quinoa, truffle custard and milk skin, as well as the Salad of French breakfast radishes with pickled beetroot, goats curd, blood sorrel, violets, olives, pine resin and balsamico.

If I’d had to leave the restaurant after that dish, I still would have been a very happy girl……..but there was more to come……………

Butter with a view!

Roasted Bass Groper with kabu turnips, hairy melon, hasuimo, radish pods, vongole juices and oyster cream, as well as the Roasted chicken breast with truffle butter, spring vegetables, young garlic cream, jamon and oloroso juices.

Of course no experience at Quay could be complete without trying the famous Snow Egg.

This dessert was so much more than I ever could have thought. Soft creamy meringue, sweet chewy toffee and cold refreshing granita - heaven in a glass!

And to top it off, Mr Gilmore took a wander around while we surreptitiously took photos.

So once again my little visit to the city on the harbour has come to end. I’m always very happy to get home to my own bed, but I’ll be leaving with some more wonderful memories.

Thanks Sydney!