A day in North Fitzroy...

My brother and his family are currently overseas so I've been using their home as a little "retreat".

A chance to explore a new suburb, new coffee shops, relaxing on the couch with the big screen TV and lots of cooking (using his little toy - the Kitchenaid).

Waking up one Sunday morning to a crisp blue winter sky, I threw on my coat, scarf and gloves, grabbed my camera and headed outdoors.

I meandered through Edinburgh Gardens......

and wandered all the way up through the little back streets of North Fitzroy until I hit a little cafe called Mitte where I stopped for a delicious brekkie of avocado and poached eggs on toast with, of course, a coffee.

God I love weekends like this.

Some time out from the hectic working week just to indulge in everything you love. I didn't care that it wasn't spent productively (if I'd spent the weekend at home I would have been on the go the whole time). It was back to reality when Monday morning hit, but at least I felt like I'd actually had a weekend. It's not often you get that feeling and when you do you want it again and again.

Don't you agree?