Like tiny little balls of nutty butter - that's what I think of chickpeas, and the fact that I LOVE nuts and I LOVE butter, then you know that I must LOVE chickpeas also.

Plain, roasted, or pureed.  I could eat them everyday!

~ just a few of the benefits ~

  • Full of fibre (2 cups provide your entire daily intake), aiding digestive and elimination systems, as well as keeping you full for longer as fibre is slow releasing.
  • The unique fibre in chickpeas has also been shown to increase blood fat regulation and lower cholesterol, as well as reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease and colon cancer.
  • A great source of plant protein (1 cup = 30% of your required daily intake). This combination of fibre and protein means they are a valuable support for your blood sugar regulation.
  • Great source of manganese (1 cup = 85% of your daily requirement), important for bone health, fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis, nerve health and maintaining optimal thyroid function.