Cashews - another nut I LOVE.  Either eaten as a snack, tossed into salads as well as lots of my cooked dishes (usually when I've run out of walnuts), or simply eaten as a nut butter and spread thickly on my toast of a morning.

Cashew nut butter also makes the sweetest, creamiest addition to baking.

~ just a few of the benefits ~

  • They're full of the monounsaturated heart-healthy fats found in olive oil, which increase cardiovascular and heart health (although cashews actually have a lower fat content than most other nuts).
  • Great source of copper (1/4 cup = nearly 40% of your daily required intake), which is so important for antioxidant defenses, energy production and bone health.
  • They contain 30% of your manganese intake which is important for bone, nerve and thyroid health.