Melbourne Walking Tour !

Have you ever heard of the

World Wide Photo Walk


Up until a few weeks ago I hadn't either, but it's what I spent this past Sunday doing, and I loved it. 

Basically there were 1,117 walking groups registered all around the world (28,251 participants in total), where in a group, you walked along selected routes capturing the scenery during the weekend of 2/3 October. 

The walk I joined started at the Vic Markets and ended at Errol Street in North Melbourne. 

A relatively short walk through the markets, via a local park and a beautiful church, however due to us constantly stopping along the way snapping shots, it actually took 2 hours to reach our destination - a yummy Lebanese restaurant located on Errol Street.

I have to admit that I found it a little intimidating at first as everyone in the group pulled out their whopping great big cameras and I found myself standing back, watching and copying their moves/ideas.  I figured pretty early on that this process really wasn't going to help me get creative, nor let me find my own style, so I separated from the pack - keeping an eye on where everyone was and meeting up at various locations, but I found being on my own with no "professional photographer" watching over my shoulder, I could relax and take my time.

The sun was out, everyone was in a great mood and the streets were relatively quite (probably all nursing hangovers from the Grand Final held the day before).  All in all I'm really glad I joined in.  I love every opportunity to pull out my camera and practice and it was lovely to be around people who feel the same way.

Hope you enjoyed some of my shots from the day!