Coconut Oil

Coconut oil - I use it for EVERYTHING!

~ just a few of the benefits ~

  • Easy to digest, putting less strain on your digestive system.
  • Helps you to lose weight  - the fatty acids in the oil are sent directly to your liver, where they are immediately converted into energy.  Not stored as fat. On top of this, the fatty acids help stimulate your body’s metabolism, leading to weight loss and increases the activity of the thyroid.
  • Curbs sugar cravings and energy slumps by not producing  insulin spikes in your bloodstream.
  • Super high smoke point - can be cooked to high temperatures without becoming unstable. 
  • Anti-viral and anti-fungal. 
  • Coconut oil is great for candida. 
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Boosts your metabolic rate and accelerates your body’s healing process.
  • It’s REALLY good for thyroid issues  - it can raise basal body temperatures while increasing metabolism. This is good news for people who suffer with low thyroid function, like me.