Lake Tekapo (New Zealand Part III)

I have found my heaven.

Having run away from Queenstown earlier than expected we headed north to Lake Tekapo and I can honestly say that it was the best thing we did that whole holiday.  I loved Lake Tekapo.  The colour of the lake is something you can't even imagine, you have to see it for yourself.  A vivid baby blue colour with a milky appearence.  Beautiful.

Our accommodation didn't disappoint either, and in fact, it was the large front window with views of the lake and surrounding mountains that made this part of the holiday my absolute favourite.  Highview, a self-contained house located at the top of the hill had all the mod-cons you could ask for and a nice big kitchen for me to cook in.  I hadn't cooked anything in over a week and I was chomping at the bit to get in there and pick up a knife again.

Our dinner one night - Corn and Bacon Chowder taken from a cookbook I picked up on my travels - it was exactly what we wanted (I'll post the recipe shortly).

Between cooking in the kitchen, sitting at the big window watching the world go by with my book and a cup of tea, and sipping coffee each morning at the cafe located ontop of Mt John with breathtaking views of the lake, I could have stayed for ever.  This place did something to me.  I felt so relaxed and so inspired with loads of ideas flowing through my mind of what I'd like to do with my life, ideas of making every section of my life even better than I think it already is.  Things I want to try and take a chance on and not wish in 30 years time that I'd given it a go and hadn't because I was too scared.  Even now looking back at the photo's of this special place, the feelings come straight back and I hope I don't lose the feeling when I get back into every day life, as it so often happens.

If ever you do make it to Lake Tekapo, I can highly recommend heading out on the Earth & Sky's Stargazing Tour.  Leaving from town around 10pm you head up to the top of Mt John for the best view of the night sky, viewing stars and planets through the telescopes whilst sipping hot chocolate.  I was blown away viewing Jupiter and it's moons.  Not something you see every day is it?

We got to load up our DSLR cameras onto a special tri-pod which allowed us to take photos of the stars - amazing!

Can you see the saucepan?

Ahhh Lake Tekapo - I think you may have changed my life!