Just a wee little gift....

Please excuse my indulgence here but I've started a new little cooking venture and needed a space to show friends and family.  I'm always on the look out for little 'token' gifts to give to people when giving a larger gift just isn't appropriate.  I've bought items, spending way too much money, that I'm quite sure have been thrown in a draw and forgotten about.  I've paid out money for boxes of chocolates and truffles which I've ended up throwing in the bin because frankly, they're just not great. 

And then I had an epiphany. 

Make my very own little boxes of love.  

Little gifts filled with various home-made goodies including my Chocolate Brownie, Coconut Ice and one of my favourite little bite sized sweets - my Chocolate Fudge.

All dressed up for a special occasion.

Above, my box of 4 bite sized pieces of heaven.

For those of us needing a little extra......boxes of 6.....

Be Merry!